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Sex at 3500 RPM!
Sex at 3500 RPM!

Spice up your computers desktop with our nasty wallpaper. We will change the picture at the first of every month so bookmark this page and check back. This site is free so do us a favor and patronize our sponsors.

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1 The sexy picture in the monitor is 800 x 600in dimension.  If this matches your monitor setting, proceed to step 2.  Otherwise, maximize the browser window (enlarge it so it fits your entire screen) then click the appropriate number on the right to get the correct image.
2 Right-click the picture in the monitor on the left.
3 Choose "Set as Wallpaper" from the right-click menu, as illustrated on the right.
Your boring old desktop now has Nasty Wallpaper.
Set as Wallpaper
Netscape users:  If you get only a small image as your wallpaper.   FIRST double-click the image in the monitor to see it full size, then right-click the full size picture and set it as your wallpaper.



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