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Ok, I am a sexoholic and my girlfriend is not. I have been desperate to get her into the game. My girlfriend is absolutely drop dead gorgeous and it is a real shame to let a body like that go to waste.

Last week I was really horny while surfing the 'Net and decided to take a look at one of the adult stores I promote ('s Sex Toy Store) to see if I could find anything to spice up my sex life. I had no idea!

Until now I haven't really been into sex toys. My belief was that most of sex toys were cheap "gag gifts" that no one really used. My opinion changed in one afternoon. My new little purple friend is the Wireless Lilac Ele. Girls think it's cute and non-threatening because it looks like a little elephant. GUYS THIS THING TURNS YOUR DICK INTO A VIBRATOR!

It has been said that after diamonds a vibrator is a girls best friend. Any guy who passes up the opportunity to turn his dick into a ladies best friend has got to have a screw loose. In adition to the vibrator (which is speed variable) the cock ring works as a "clit bumper" which in itself is worth the price of admission. Even without the vibrator installed the elephants head gets right into the clit to get your lady off. The tail is supposed to offer anal stimulation but I don't think it works all that well. This cock ring is made of a very soft jelly material that is extremely stretchy and very comfortable to wear. Is should easily fit on any size cock. The vibrator is quite powerful for its size and has a speed control dial. My girlfriend was initally shocked by the sensation and turned the vibrator down but after a few minutes she warmed up and cranked the speed up to max power. The vibrator uses three heaing-aide style batteries that should last two or three love making sessions. The manufacturer was thoughful enough to include a spare set of batteries in the package. The manufacturer recommends removing the batteries between uses and I think this is a good idea.

Enough about her what will this do for you? Well in addition to having your lady reach for your dick instead of her vibrator you will also enjoy using this. I purchased this toy with my lady in mind. I was very pleased to find out it was good for me too. The vibration is very mild at the base of your shaft but is enough to get you hard fast. With the cock ring on it is very easy to control your erection. You really feel like a porn star with this thing on. Sex is more intense and satisfying.

Even though I haven't broken mine yet I have a feeling that little vibrator could give out at an moment. I have put an order in for the bright red Clit Flicker w/Wireless Stimulator so that I will have a spare available. Made by the same company as the Wireless Lilac Ele it has received excellant reviews. I am told that women love being fucked doggie style with the Clit Flicker.

My latest order is for the Impulse Couples Enhancer. This high power unit runs on three AA batteries. I really like that the vibrator is positioned vertically to better massage the clit. I don't know if it will really help but it looks good. This unit has a wired controller which I believe has both an up and a down side. If your lady is new to toys I would suggest on of the other cock rings mentioned in this article. Getting into bed with wired coming out of your dick might be a little too much for some women. The up side is that once your lady has fallen in love with your vibrating penis she will really love being able to drive the speed controler! Now instead of yelling faster, faster, slower she can just press buttons! I can't wait for it to arrive.

This is my advice for today. You can take it or leave it. But if you leave it you are really missing out!

NOTE: Take a look at the prices at's Sex Toy Store and you will see that they are heavily discounted compared to other stores. We had the option of offering these products at either "high markup, high commission" or "low markup, low commission". We chose the later because we believe everyone deserves the best deal! - Adult Shopping Guide - Free Adult Sites - Ultimate Adult Sites

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